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Darts Life without Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor

As a massive Darts fan for as long as i can remember i grew up watching the greatest Darts Player of all time Phil Taylor dominate the game of Darts. Saying that ‘The Power’ is still dominating world Darts to this very day. As the Darting World already knows, Mr Taylor will be quitting the PDC Circuit after the 2018 World Championships and a huge percentage of the darting world are feeling gutted. It’s going to be strange not seeing Phil play on the television anymore. The thought of this actually makes me very sad. The Legend, has giving us over 25 years of non stop action and easily some of the greatest moments a Sporting Darts fan can dream of. Between the 16 World Title’s to the live 9 Darters and domination of every major the PDC and BDO has on offer.  Phil The Power Taylor should be considered as one of the greatest-If not the greatest Sports Star of are time. It’s going to take a miracle for someone to match Phil’s records. We are going to enjoy, every minute of  Phil’s last year on the PDC Circuit. Hey, we even fancy Phil to grab a few more majors before the end of the year. We do hope Phil, joins the PDC commentary team. Phil’s input will be massive. Thank you for everything Mr Taylor. We very much look forward to seeing you in Dublin on April 6th.

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