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Jordan Brown beats O’Sullivan to win Welsh Open

Northern Ireland’s Jordan Brown has created an huge underdog success stories in Snooker history beating Ronnie O’Sullivan 9-8 to win the Welsh Open.

The newly crowned Welsh Open Champion said : I’m absolutely speechless. First of all, it was an absolute honour to play Ronnie O’Sullivan in the final. He’s the greatest of all time and it’s just a privilege and an honour to play him.

“I’ve just always believed in myself. I’ve had some dark days in my snooker career but that’s what makes you stronger as a player and a person. I was working full-time in a petrol station, and as well as that I was playing full-time snooker, but five years ago I said to myself ‘give it a proper go’ because I’d never really committed myself before that.

“I knew if I got overawed by Ronnie, I wasn’t going to win today, so I was just focussing on playing the balls, playing the table and just focussing on own game. That’s what I’ve been doing all week.

“I’m just getting used to the big stage and I feel like I belong here.” (Pic Credit Eurosport)

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