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McGregor on Floyd Mayweather MMA Bout

As usual Legendary P4P Boxing King and one of the greatest Floyd Mayweather has been teasing an MMA debut. There’s been alot of speculation that Mayweather could face CM Punk.

Most recently there was talk he would even call out former foe (In The Boxing Ring) Conor McGrgeor for a rematch, but know it seems uncertain if Floyd will make the dangerous move to MMA.

His a P4P Boxing Legend – Yet MMA is a different game and UFC Champ Conor McGregor posted the following on the matter.

“I am happy for Floyd and his recent announcement that he is out of these current fight negotiations,

“It is the reason I never seeked the rematch in the first place. I was happy for him in retirement.

“My game is a very unforgiving one. It is not like other games.

“I understand completely him staying retired. I will now carry on in my negotiations and see where it goes.

“Have a great retirement Junior. Now come here and give your old man a hug for old times sake. I’m proud of you son.”

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