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Sheehan vs Sitmonchai rematch confirmed

The term ‘Unfinished Business’ can have many meanings depending on the contextual situation you find yourself in!

In this situation: A steely veteran of over two hundred fights in the kingdom of Thailand and a young gun from the Emerald Isle went toe-to-toe over five action-packed rounds of MuayThai, back in February, 2018. 

Some called it a win for the Irishman — some raised their voices for the gritty and seasoned veteran — but the ringside judges scored the contest a draw.

Well they are now confirmed to go at it once again on October 13th in Cork city, Ireland.

The hosts will again be SiamWarriors promotions in conjunction with Lion Fight Promotions.

Ireland’s 🇮🇪 Ryan Sheehan and Thailand’s 🇹🇭Sitmonchai Gym warrior Thepnimit Sitmonchai will both look to settle their much talked about ‘Unfinished Business

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