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SportsMatters set for 2021 Revamp

SportsMatters is set for a big revamp throughout 2021. The media platform has shined since its launch back in July 2016 gaining huge popularity worldwide for exclusive interviews and video content plus much more.

Founder Jerry Coughlan says : 2021 will be a key year for us at SportsMatters. 2020 has been extremely tricky as we haven’t been able to travel outside of Ireland and Cork for the majority of the year. The unfortunate 2020 COVID Pandemic has been challenging for everyone worldwide and it’s been a very strange time for media outlets and more. We have kept busy throughout the year, but we of course miss travelling to Sporting events across Ireland and across the World.

We have a number of big goals in 2021 as we plan to have our website revamped throughout early 2021 and of course we have a number of projects we are excited to announce throughout the year. We hope everyone remains safe and well and hopefully we return back to normality in 2021.

Stay tuned to SportsMatters in 2021 for exclusive video’s and much more.

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