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The rise of Irish Female Wrestler ‘Raven Creed’

Raven Creed (Emma O’Sullivan) is a name that’s been talked about more and more every week throughout the Wrestling scene and it’s easy to see why so.

The young Cork star has been putting in some star studded matches throughout 2017 & 2018 which has seen the talented wrestler perform under massive Irish Wrestling brands Over The Top Wrestling, Phoenix Wrestling and many more key brands across the country.

She’s had some key battles with fellow Irish stars Katey Harvey & Valkyrie & Debbie Keitel that have made awesome headlines across the country, and the bold, aggressive and no bull*shit character of Raven Creed continues to shine on the big stage with the Irish Wrestling fans loving the presence.

Many including the SportsMatters team continue to predict a big future for Raven Creed. The former CCW women’s Champion, will no doubt go on to wrestle across Europe and worldwide in the coming months. If she’s in a town near you make sure to checkout the talented star and her ‘Co Wrestlers’ monthly at Cork’s Phoenix’s Wrestling at the Kino.

Photo Credit – John Morrissey

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