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Yoel Romero quotes from Bellator Dublin Media Day


“I’m excited to be here. It’s a great place. It’s been one of my dreams to come here, especially with the history of the fighting Irish. Just great warriors from Ireland. I’m excited to be here. It’s just a reminder of a lot of great history and warriors who come from Ireland… I feel very honoured and proud to represent Cuba, and I feel that everyone should be proud to represent the country that they’re from. I cherish the fans. I carry them on my back, and it feels like a great honour to move forward, and I’m motivated to represent them.”

“Everything has a beginning and an end, and I just wish him very well after his career ends as he continues as a father. Hopefully, he’s able to use all that the sport has given him to carry on his life.”

“One of the things I do want to say thank you to Conor for is that he’s been giving me help on being here in Ireland. A lot of thanks to Conor. He’s offered cars, he’s offered his gym, and he’s invited me to his restaurant, and I appreciate that a lot from a fellow fighter. After the fight, I’ll go to his restaurant. He’s just been keeping an eye on me and making sure I’m okay. Right now, the focus is just purely on Melvin.”

“Finally, I get to fight somebody my age. In my career, there’s been a great age gap from my opponents. I look forward to finally fighting someone my age. They feel what I feel, so I’m curious how I’m going to do with someone my age.”

“One of the biggest challenges is to be an athlete, and to be a champion, you have to beat a champion. The real challenge of being an athlete is to work hard, especially to do so in two weight divisions. You have the first person who was able to be champ champ. I would love to be a champ champ for my country, too. Man has to have goals. If not, life is empty.”

“I’m going to fight MMA with him. MMA includes everything. He’d better be ready for everything.”

“His managers and my managers, they were discussing the original thought of fighting me. The decision was, they didn’t want to fight me. They sought out an opponent who would be easier for Jake Paul to beat. The fact of the matter is they don’t want to fight me.”

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